🙌  Teaching reps how to earn the right to ask questions.
🙌  Which questions to ask.
🙌  When to ask them.

😎  Clients: Visa, Google, Zoom, PagerDuty, Salesloft, and Headspace 😎

👍 Stop talking about what you do, talk about the pains you solve!

👍  I hope to help you focus on a more relaxed conversational style that helps you go from strangers to acquaintances to trusted business allies with your prospects and clients.


🏆 Top 25 Inside Sales Professional by the AAiSP for the last 5 years.
🏆 Top 10 Sales Development Leader as voted by Inside Sales and Sales Hacker.
📰 Published: Harvard Business Review, Huffington Post, Inc, and NBCNews

🏡 I live in Northern California with my wife, Cathy, 2 boys, Riley (12) and Bodhi (10), and their dog Lola(2)

Founder / Director of Sales Training & Consulting

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