Who is paying for the WFH work stations? Employee or Employer?

Hi Everyone,

Who has to pay for additional WFH costs, the employee or the employer?
Are you offering "stipends"
Are you IKEA'ing your team?

I put this simple spreadsheet, https://rharris415.com/WorkFromHomeSpreadsheet together if anyone wants to use it. In short, it could cost the employee over $5000 to set up a decent WFH enviornment

Data is from simple Amazon, Comcast sources. So feel free to tear this apart and find other suggestions.

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    • Profile picture of Trenton Engle
      ( 3.3k POINTS )
      2 months, 2 weeks ago

      Thanks for the great information! I fortunately get to return to the office, but i know those who don’t that will appreciate this info!

    • Profile picture of Macky Bradley
      ( 6.7k POINTS )
      2 months, 2 weeks ago

      That is a great breakdown @rharris415 Richard, Thank you!
      It will come in handy in my next role, should I ever get one.
      I think the only major employer I know of was Google, who allegedly paid employees $1,000
      to help them with their expenses.
      (My ex-company wouldn’t even loan me a couple of monitors, even though they had hundreds not in use)
      I ended up buying my monitors, chair, desk, storage, printer.
      (Note to self: You may not be working for a top notch organization if they aren’t willing to provide equipment)
      However, this may be something to think about incorporating into your pay plan in the future : who pays for my office equipment if I need to work from home?
      Thanks again Richard
      Take care!

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