What do you do to increase your response rate?

Here's how we do it 1. Personalization Gather information from the prospect's website as well as on his or her LinkedIn page and compose a unique review for something neat about them. The quickest way to find something is to go through their success stories, select something, and write an introductory sentence. 2. Your Value proposition Here is where you can put your best feet forward. Don t hold back and showcase what you can do best. Make it as specific as possible to your audience. 3. Your Target Niche You want to carefully consider the opportunity as you improvise The more you are specific, the more likely people will resonate with it. We want to instill confidence that it's possible for that exact company to do it for me. 4. Your Target’s Goal Show them you are aligned with their goals. Most cold emails just mention the target niche, but we’ll go a step further and show our prospects we actually know what their goal is. This shows you already know who they are and what they do, and you’ll be easier to work with 5. Your Target’s Value Proposition Let's take another step deeper into how we make sure we understand our audience by talking about their values too. This is what they accomplish for their consumers and how you can help them be more successful at it. 6. Relevant case Study Give a firsthand account that backs up your professed connection to this job. You can add a brief and relevant case study to demonstrate that you can do this and do it for a similar company. 7. Cliffhanger Value Proposition Be honest and direct. Show your prospects that we're the ones devoted to our service or product. As we detail the goods or services that we provide, express our eagerness to convince them that we are the right negotiator for them. Incorporate a money-back guarantee or performance-based pricing model. Make it interesting and as obvious as possible. 8. CTA: Your final email should end with a strong Call-To-Action. Either tell them to request a call or send it directly to them, for example, in the form of a personalized video or a proposal. What email copywriting tips you have that we haven't mentioned yet? 🙂

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      4 days, 13 hours ago

      Hey @robynffo – this is so robust!! Thank you for sharing 🙂 I have a quick question for you – would you say these tools also apply for increasing response rate on different platforms other than email (such as LinkedIn?). I’m curious how these can translate over or if there are different nuances to each platform!

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        3 days, 17 hours ago

        Hi @tessbrown Thank you so much for reading all that! And ABSOLUTELY!! 100%!! These email copywriting tips can also apply to increasing response rates on other platforms like LinkedIn messages–we do this too as part of our outreach actually! The key is to understand the unique nuances of each platform and tailor your messaging accordingly. For example, on LinkedIn, it’s important to have a professional and polished profile, as well as to be strategic in who you are reaching out to and how you are crafting your message. And it’s important to be mindful of the specific features of the platform, such as using InMail or connection requests, and to consider the level of formality that is appropriate for the platform. Moreover, tailoring your message to your audience, and creating a compelling call-to-action, and ALL the other things I’ve mentioned above are still important regardless of the platform.

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