How can i help? - What's the Best Q an SDR can ask?

I listened to a Q&A event last week and heard that this is the BEST question an SDR can ask. By asking this question we constantly open ourselves up to learning and are able to push ourselves further up the food chain, and faster!

Can anyone think of any other questions that SDR's should be asking to help themselves and their teams out?

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    • Profile picture of Poppy Canning
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      3 months ago

      Similar to you, i also got some awesome insight last week…

      Befriend the gatekeeper. Sounds so simple now, but by befriending the people in your way, you can grease the channel and find your way to your intended contact soo much faster. SO, maybe a Q would be ‘How are you?’…

    • Profile picture of Alejandro Cabral
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      3 months ago

      Hey @rorycanning, that is definitely a core question in any prospecting / relationship building process I think, though sometimes it’s just not the right question. It is though probably in the top 10 of questions SDRs should ask to build rapport and enhance the trust the other person needs to feel to open up.

      I’ll add a few of my own: Why XXX? I.e.: why is this change so important right now? Also, What happens if/not?

      Hope that helped!

      • Profile picture of Mahdi Bor
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        3 months ago

        I think this is a great Q… By asking anything and engaging in conversation with the prospect you are strengthening the relationship. Just keep asking questions i’d say.

      • these are good ones @alecabral. I love “what happens if you don’t make a change.” Often, we are competing against the status quo and it’s important to identify that.

    • “I’m sure you get calls/emails all of the time. What prompted you to take my call today?”

      Getting them to engage emotionally is always the goal. Listen for emotional words like frustrated, overwhelming, exciting, etc. Then dig it with layered questions, “What’s that like? How does that feel from your side of things? How does that impact your day? etc.”

      Hope that is helpful!

    • It’s a great question, Rory.

      Tactically, there are great scripts to disarm the prospect to allow for the interruptive communication — you are disrupting their day and need to calibrate the conversation. “Have you heard our name tossed around?” “Would it it help if I take 15 seconds to explain what we do, and you can guide me from there?”

      When we think about discovery/getting to value — “How can I help?” is a great open ended Q that gets them talking. In trying to dig for the specific pain, I’m always a fan of finding out what their existing process it today — “I don’t want to waste your time, so how do you do XYZ today? Or what happens when [XYZ] happens today?” Then turning into a scribe and grabbing anything they told you to turn that into a booked meeting.

    • What is the job title of the person you report to?

    • I prefer to get the client talking of what’s working well for them and then following up with asking them their problem areas or pain points. This gets to talk openly for a productive conversation.
      Some questions would be :
      Whats changing in your business that’s really working for you ? (check across People, Sales, Operations, Finance, Tech adoption).
      How has been the approach ( who approves budgets, who takes ownership ?)
      Is there anything that’s not giving you the desired outcomes ?

    • Once engaged and you’ve been able to get them talking you can use what I call the 3 magic questions:

      1. Can you tell me an example (may need to preface by asking can you tell me more/be more specific)? (gets emotional involvement)

      2. Because of that, what? (sounds awkward, but this exact phrase is so open-ended it gets them talking and we get impact)

      3. Is doing nothing an option? (gets commitment level)

    • One of the most powerful yet simple questions is “What caused you to accept my call / talk to me today?”

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