Tips for SDR's who are used to the office but are now working from home.

The SDR role is tough. Then add in the fact that your office is closed for the foreseeable future and now you're tasked with hitting that quota on your own, from home.

We've seen work from home tips all over LinkedIn, but how about some that are SDR specific? I'll start with some tips that helped me.

1. Take to LinkedIn. Connect with professionals who are in the SDR role or in a Sales Management Role. Follow their content, create a relationship with them, and leverage their knowledge.

2. Try and do your cold calling standing up (for as long as you can). It will get the blood moving and give you a nice boost of confidence.

3. Have scheduled times for deep, uninterrupted work and scheduled times for breaks.

What are some other tips that could help SDR's working from home?

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      Profile picture of Mary Green 🔹
      ( 7.6k POINTS )
      1 year, 1 month ago

      One thing I like to do @sarahdrake is spending some time on the weekends working, it helps me not to worry about people interrupting. This isn’t for everyone though, so I have found the Pomodoro method to be useful, Slack calls just to catch up, and walks in nature for destressing.

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        Profile picture of Samantha Hembree
        ( 3.4k POINTS )
        1 year, 1 month ago

        Love these tips, @sarahdrake! Especially #2, because I definitely forget to stand up and move around periodically. I’d never heard of the Pomodoro method @marygreencny, but I’d be interested to try it now and set a timer.

        I think maintaining “business as usual” can be helpful for anyone. For me, I have to start at the same time every day, dress for work, and have a structured day in a designated, clean space. 🙂

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      Profile picture of Paul
      ( 630 POINTS )
      1 year, 1 month ago

      These are awesome tips! Thanks for sharing @sarahdrake

      One thing I like to do is doing pushups to get pumped before making those calls.

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      Profile picture of Judy Lujan
      ( 1k POINT )
      1 year, 1 month ago

      @sarahdrake I agree 100% with comment #1 I would add to connect with the personas you are cold calling and follow companies in your sectors to stay current and relevant #2 Having several touch points through out the day as a Team helps with morale and accountability #3 Having the SDR’s present their results for the previous week contributes as well

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      Profile picture of Bijay Mathew
      ( 870 POINTS )
      1 year, 1 month ago

      @sarahdrake use the time you normally spent commuting to review recorded calls. Listen to the top performers on your team, the bottom performers, and your own calls. Take notes on what was done well and what could be improved. Implement your key learnings on your next calls.

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      Profile picture of Max Altschuler
      ( 5.6k POINTS )
      1 year, 1 month ago

      Routine is key! Just like any other day in the life. Make sure there’s a comfortable work environment if possible. I like your note about scheduled times for deep work. Whatever it takes to stay focused.

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      Profile picture of Macky Bradley
      ( 13.3k POINTS )
      1 year ago

      Hi @sarahdrake Sarah!

      Great tips! I would add everything on the calendar- everything, including breaks. Also, take large projects and break them down into manageable sizes. Have daily meetings and create a Slack IM Communication to keep in touch with everyone at all times.
      Start each day with a motivational quote.
      The last thing every day, take 10 minutes and plan for the next day.

      Great tips, thanks for posting!


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      Profile picture of drew.coryer
      ( 2.6k POINTS )
      1 year ago

      These are great tips @sarahdrake. A good routine is key. Taking time for yourself is important to avoid burnout. A few tips to help with that:
      Create a separate workspace from your living space… The garage is now my Sales Cave!
      Working in the same room you sleep in? Put the laptop away in a drawer when the day is done.
      Had a 30 commute? Recreate that break between work and home with a 30 minute walk or bike ride when you log off.
      Over communicate with your teammates. Use Slack/Zoom/Google to keep it loose with shout-outs, memes, and sharing success.

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