Hi, all! I've been asked to review our sequences in Outreach and provide feedback to our SDR team. I've pulled together a list of recommended best practices to help us move forward, but am overwhelmed by the data in Outreach. Has anyone gone through this exercise? Are there any templates or recommendations?

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      3 weeks ago

      Hey @scoffs 🙌

      I saw your question and talked to my colleague, a Head of Account Management at Belkins (we do lead generation and appointment setting mainly through email marketing). So here is what he said:

      First, just run some basic analysis of open and reply rates. Remember that your open rate mainly depends on the Subject line and the first sentence. The combination of both should push a prospect to open an email.

      What’s the normal value for the Open Rate?

      – No single answer here. It varies from industry to industry and your Target audience. Generally, if you stay within 40 – 60%, you are on the safe side.
      – I suggest to A/B test SL. Tip: never forget that you only 1 variable at a time; otherwise, you won’t be able to track what changes affected the outreach.

      As for the response rate, two things are essential:
      1. The better your template is, the better the response rate.
      2. Call to action – your main goal is to have your CTA stand out. Make it a separate paragraph and ask a question. Remember that you can have only one call to action per template.
      What’s the best response rate? I mean, the higher, the better 🙂 As well as the open rate, it depends on the ICP and value proposition and your target audience. But I’d say your optimal response rate would be 5-15%. Everything higher is awesome.

      Of course, there are a lot of metrics in the outreach, and you can look through all of them. But basically, you need two – open and response rates to qualify your sequence or campaign success. So you aim to have the highest open rate among the other campaigns and the highest response rate. You play with CTA, with open rate, value proposition, and readability of the whole template. And you also play with the audience and titles of the people you reach out to. Don’t be afraid to change them and build a long-lasting strategy involving more than one person. Try to involve a few contacts from the company; this way, you can build a perfect sequence. In terms of metrics, you need just two of them – and if those are good, you are good. The rest are just some advanced things you can look at, but you must implement them into your strategy in advance. If you want to do an AB test and you want to measure those two metrics (e.g., which subject lines perform best), you should think about it in advance and set yourself a deadline when you gonna look through that – when 1k emails are sent or in a month after you launch your campaign.

      Hope it helps 🤗 Should you have any questions, please feel free to ask 😉

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        3 weeks ago

        @anastasiabelkins this is fanstastic, thank you! I actually started down this path, so not only do I feel better about the direction I’m headed but this gives me even more to consider. Thanks so much!

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          3 weeks ago

          So glad it helped! Wish you luck with your mission 😎

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        2 weeks, 1 day ago

        This is awesome.

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      3 weeks, 4 days ago

      Hey @scoffs – I posed this question with the wider team and one question that popped up for you! Do you mind sharing which organization you’re with? We’re able to provide more targeted help if we know this 🙂 Thank you!

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