Whats the best free CRM for Sales Development?

Hey guys, I just got into the world of sales so I'm wondering what're all your opinions in your experience about the best free CRMs?

Thankyou and much appreciated!

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      Profile picture of Nick
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      2 months ago

      If you give it away for free, nobody will want it 🙂

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      Profile picture of Colin Campbell
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      2 months ago

      For free… google sheets? Or if you have few enough collaborators or simple enough needs, Airtable probably has some pretty decent templates to use.

      But if you really need a CRM, you should be able to build a business case outlining the investment needed and the expected lift from purchasing one. If you need help building a business case, lmk.

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      Profile picture of JenFisher
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      1 month, 3 weeks ago

      Certainly biased, you can get a free version of Membrain. If it’s you against the world, this is a great tool to work a process and keep you organized – keeps things from falling through the cracks. If it’s for the entire org, would be happy to answer any questions!

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      Profile picture of Anisha Kohli
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      1 month, 3 weeks ago

      In my opinion, there are some free CRM tools that have a generous plan that will work well if you’re a very small company. As you keep growing, there eventually is a need to invest in one for more features and efficiency. So I think, it’s really about how much value/ features can you give or take when the tool is free.

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      Profile picture of Elen Udovichenko
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      1 month, 3 weeks ago

      I’ve really enjoyed using Streak back in the day! It’s a very easy-to-use and convenient CRM for small businesses and startups built right into your Gmail.

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      Profile picture of christineesten
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      1 month, 2 weeks ago

      HubSpot offers a free CRM. It has very limited functionality, but if you’re just breaking into sales it might be fit for purpose now. And you can add on modules later as your needs grow. Word of caution though is that their pricing is based upon the # of contacts you have in the system. That means keeping your data very clean and purging records that absolutely don’t need to be kept an longer. But if you work in an industry where there are a high volume of contacts you need to reach, HubSpot may be cost prohibitive all the way around.

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      Profile picture of Leonard
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      1 month, 2 weeks ago

      There are a lot of them actually. Or very low cost. You’re in sales, so you need to invest in yourself. Just like you get a nice suit for selling, books for reading, and a computer, you could subscribe to a CRM… you can use TigerLRM.com for free too.

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