Do you have a Sales stand-up meeting?

Hi Sales Pros!

I've been designing the format of our stand-up meetings with SDRs.

I'm curious to know: How does your sales stand-up meeting format look like? What questions do you address with your team?

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    • Profile picture of Trenton Engle
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      1 month, 1 week ago

      Our management leaves it open with the team to bring up concern that need addressed, the finish with a “we need to improve this” is needed. We keep them brief because time is money and as professionals they know we are well aware of what we do and don’t need.

      I know a lot of people do quick pipeline meetings this way where they talk about what they are hoping to close for the day or week, but I know that some don’t find that very helpful.

      • Profile picture of Shalvi G
        ( 330 POINTS )
        1 month, 1 week ago

        I love that. And I’m totally aligned on having this open format to bring things on the table that need to be addressed.

        I think I’m going to keep in my mind while I design our format.

        Thank you so much!

    • Profile picture of Macky Bradley
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      1 month, 1 week ago

      Hello Shalvi G @shalvi
      Yes, well we did. (When I was still working)
      Loved this, it was a standing meeting everyday, in office or remote.
      It was an open forum, except for Fridays.
      There was a volunteer sign up form where the rep could discuss a business book they read recently or a sales influencer that they had learned something from, a Professional development class.
      It was awesome. So if somebody had attended a sales conference, noted a trend, they would share it, we had somebody take notes and we shared this information on a Google Doc.
      We had reps arguing who could sign up to present.
      I highly recommend this practice!
      I hope I have helped in your quest.
      Thanks for the question.


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