Sales Trainings! Tips for sales trainings (especially in this virtual world!)

Hey all!

Have you ever presented something to help level up your team and just saw blank stares looking back? Or saw nothing but people looking down at their phones?

How about when you ask…”are there any questions?” and all you hear is crickets?

In-person training is hard enough, but now that we’re doing everything virtually, we have to deal with team members working on their second screen or giggling while messaging their team members through slack.

Is this something top of mind for you?

I wrote this article on running great sales trainings if you're interested: https://www.saleshacker.com/run-great-sales-trainings/

I'd love to hear your thoughts or if you have any additional things you do to make a sales training or enablement great!

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    • Profile picture of Rusty Wimberly
      ( 410 POINTS )
      1 month ago

      In the virtual world, the shorter the training the better. 20 mins tops, otherwise you’ll lose attention span. I would also recommend everyone have their camera on. [no turning them off] And taking notes so I can see them.

    • Profile picture of Sandra Elliott
      ( 850 POINTS )
      1 month ago

      Been there, done that.

      I have to agree with Rusty that the shorter, the better. I also highly recommend covering no more than 3 clear points: make it clear what you’ll cover at the beginning, be very clear which point you’re on along the way, and reiterate (or have the audience reiterate) the points at the end.

      Case studies can help too. If you can put a situation in front of them and ask them how they’d deal with it based on what they just learned, it’ll get them involved.

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