How do you stay in love with sales?

Recently I’ve noticed that the same passion and vigor to hit the phones daily has turned into complacency.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be a complacent seller; I want to hit the limit of my ability. The problem is, the day-to-day has become almost mundane. Part of this has been a result of my comfort in my role, but another is the same old stuff.

What do you do to keep things adventurous in your sales role? Do you switch up how you sell? Do you change up your schedule? Let me know!

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      1 week, 1 day ago

      Trenton, something we tried previously is to have color coded activities – green blocks are mandatory, laser focused call blitz/prospecting activities.

      Something we want to implement this month within the team is to pick up something material, slightly more expensive which we wont usually spend money for, and if we hit a particular goal we’ll spoil ourselves 🙂

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      1 week, 1 day ago

      Hi Trent!
      Yep some days it just doesn’t work. We are human. If you make a 100 calls and 98 of them you don’t even get to talk to a human, it can be very disturbing to your psyche, right? I have had several of those days since the pandemic, especially calling into the Pacific North West. Just gotta keep on believing that you are making a difference. I do try to change my routine a bit. I like to do things to keep my prospects informed. I always try to make up for the task, maybe I do more calls the next day or send more emails, I never try to waste time. Talk to yourself, and don’t be too tough on yourself. Talk to other people, don’t hold it all in.
      Hang in there Trent!
      You got this…. we got this!
      Macky B

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