A List of Companies That Have Raised Capital in 2021 – with contact information

Hey, Sales Hackers! I've put together a list of American and European companies that have raised capital in 2021 – with all contact information. Obviously, it's all free and you can use it for anything you wish for!

If you're targeting startups I suggest using this list for your call agents or sales reps. In case you're a marketer you can create a custom audience in FB Ads and target/retarget them this way. Or both 😁


Happy for any feedback!

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      Profile picture of Senna from Trewio
      ( 301 POINTS )
      2 months ago

      Hi Tereza, thank you for sharing! It’s great content! I will definitely pass it to our sales dept. Will let you know how many we will be able to close

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      Profile picture of Katie Ray
      ( 13.9k POINTS )
      2 months ago

      This is a great list! Thank you for sharing!

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      Profile picture of Christina Mitine
      ( 2.6k POINTS )
      2 months ago

      @terezatexlova, this is really helpful, thank you for passing this along to us all!

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      Profile picture of Macky Bradley
      ( 15.6k POINTS )
      2 months ago

      Hi Tereza!
      Very cool!
      Thanks for sharing!

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      Profile picture of Tereza
      ( 1.5k POINTS )
      1 month, 4 weeks ago

      You’re welcome! Hopefully, I will be back soon with other freebies! 🙂

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      Profile picture of Jessy666
      ( 2.4k POINTS )
      1 month, 2 weeks ago

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