Hot questions about cold emails 🔥

Hi all, I just started working on content related to cold emailing – basically from how to craft the best subject line over cold email templates that work to a checklist that will be helpful to go over before sending your email campaign. I expect this to be ready next week – I will share ❤️

In the meantime, here are key elements that a successful cold B2B email should have: https://salesbooster.leadspicker.com/resources/tips-cold-emails

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      1 month ago

      Links and signatures won’t affect deliverability?

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      1 month ago

      good tips in your article. I think the most important point you make is the one-to-one personalization in the message. But also, remember to keep the messages really short (Kyle Coleman recommends 125 words).

      Do you find that a button works better in a CTA? I’ve found that making my emails look like I just typed them in my email editor works more effectively than adding any HTML.

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