Why do so few sales managers have a regular cadence for genuine coaching?

The fact is only 13% of sales teams hit the team quota in 2019, only 44% of reps hit their personal quota, but we know from the evidence that too few managers do any coaching, most do too little and the majority confusing telling/training with coaching. Again, the evidence is that 3-3.5 hours coaching per month per rep results in an average quota attainment of 105%, below that number the average quota attainment level is as low as 40-60%.

46% of companies surveyed by SRC (2018) said they gave managers adequate training prior to promoting them into management but the results aren't there to validate that claim.

What sort of runway and training were you given when you were promoted into management?

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      2 months, 2 weeks ago

      Hello @the_inquisitor Marcus,
      Great question. I believe to do coaching properly, you have to have the whole company involved. Too many times, a 1:1 or a coaching session “gets pushed” because of 911 business emergencies: deal is falling through, customer is upset, somebody is busy….. I think that as a manager, you need to have 2 hours dedicated per week to each sales employee… at a minimum. I have a friend that manages 16 people or so that are all remote. That is 32 hours per week. Doesn’t leave much room for anything else. If you expect quality, you have to put in quality time with the reps. Bottom line. This is where the ideas come from. The drive for excellence. Cancel that 1:1 time once or twice as well as coaching once or twice and guess what? Pretty soon, nobody at all takes it serious. It also starts with the onboarding. So many companies bring in new reps, throw them in a training room for 4-5 days with highly inexperienced enablement leaders, and the company expects a highly trained rep in that amount of time. That is wrong. You should start a strong program with your reps, 1 hour for 1:1’s and then 1 hour for additional coaching, personal coaching, every week. It will make a big difference, I guarantee it.
      Great question.
      Hope this helps!


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