Will Covid Lead To The rise Of the Channel?

Road warriors are going to struggle to get inside companies to meet prospects. Everyone has become an SDR whether they like it or not. Many countries are imposing quarantine on plane travellers and so who would want to visit a prospect internationally if they have to spend 2-4 weeks in quarantine?

Are you considering developing an effective sales channel to adapt to the new reality?

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    • Profile picture of Macky Bradley
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      2 months, 3 weeks ago

      Hi @the_inquisitor Marcus,
      Another great question. Yes, the old way is not coming back any time soon. Just today, more and more restrictions are being placed throughout the world. Yesterday, the US was banned from having any passengers enter China. So it is back to the drawing board. No more “must be a road warrior” mentality.
      Now, everyone is having to do as you say, be an SDR and do a lot of their own prospecting- as they should. I think the sales process is going to change to an even longer sales cycle for sure. Corporations are going to have to re-train their sales staff, especially in how to reach prospects, see their trends and patterns. I also think it will be vital to make a great first impression, and how the relationship is managed throughout the process. The new reality is definitely interesting. We will see how it goes from here!
      Thanks for the question.


      • Profile picture of Stephanie Lippincott
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        2 months, 2 weeks ago

        So true. We have built all our clients 100% long-distance. Digital is a necessity in prospecting and so many companies are not prepared.

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