Is it right to ask for more?

Sam Nelson has used a plane example of how to ask for more...

And Mark Colgan has used Airbnb i the past also - How often do you ask for more?

Is it right that there is no harm in asking, or should we just be grateful for what we have?

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    • Profile picture of Poppy Canning
      ( 2.7k POINTS )
      3 months ago

      This is something that i think a lot about… I know lots of people that are more than willing to ask for what they want, but i personally am sometimes challenged by this – It’s definitely a confidence thing😬

    • Profile picture of Mahdi Bor
      ( 560 POINTS )
      3 months ago

      Theres nothing lost in asking and being turned down, so why not ask for what you want!

    • Profile picture of Luiz Cent
      ( 530 POINTS )
      3 months ago

      Great example Sam. Thanks for sharing Tiffany.

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