How do you meet prospects where they're at, rather than always starting from square one?

With customers getting more digitally savvy and researching vendors on so many channels, I've been thinking a lot about what sales reps need to be more agile and truly meet them where they're at. How do you know what they know, or even who on the buying team you're talking to?

Consider this scenario:
A target prospect approaches you and says, “I’m ready for a demo,” or “Can we talk about pricing?” How do you prepare for that conversation so you can quickly address their needs without overwhelming them with irrelevant questions or info they already have?

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      1 month, 1 week ago

      Maybe this is sales and marketing 101, but I think it has to start with the marketing and sales tech stacks being integrated. I saw a stat that said the average enterprise has roughly 90 tools in their martech stack, but teams only utilize 58% of the stack’s potential. So, it looks like there is room to grow here to ensure we can see the full customer journey.

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      1 month, 1 week ago

      Tagging in @ryanheaphy who I know is really interested in this topic!!

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      1 month ago

      I’ve started to wonder if sales teams should train their AEs on how to purchase software using their own policies/procedures.

      My whole approach to selling changed when I became a buyer. If it was that eye-opening for me, I have to think it’d be helpful to other people.

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