Sales Conversation Secrets

Hi there! Let`s talk about the conversation in sales.
What can you recommend to improve the sales conversation?

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      Profile picture of Colin Campbell
      ( 15.1k POINTS )
      3 months, 2 weeks ago

      You’ll need to be more specific to get valuable responses here, @vika-floyd.

      What type of conversations are you hoping to improve? And what kinds of improvements do you seek?

      Are you looking for tips for what salespeople can say, or listen for? Or tools they should use? Or something else altogether?

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        Profile picture of Tess Brown
        ( 2.6k POINTS )
        3 months, 2 weeks ago

        Hey @vika-floyd – agreeing with Colin! But also flipping the question and asking you – what would you like to see to improve the sales conversations? Are there any specific topics that you feel like are currently missing from the narrative?

        Let me know (feel free to either reply here or DM me)! We’ve got some interesting things in the work in the background to try to facilitate more curated/small-group conversations about sales/sales enablement/rev ops! So this could be a really interesting jump start!

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          Profile picture of Nick
          ( 3.1k POINTS )
          3 months, 1 week ago

          I never talk about sales, during sales. Clients buy from experts in their field and just interesting and versatile people. The wider the arsenal of your knowledge, experience and the more positive and critical your thinking is, the more likely you are to get a client.

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          Profile picture of Ansh Sdhana
          ( 345 POINTS )
          3 months, 1 week ago

          Here’s a detail people often miss when they deploy great sales campaigns through emails or cold calling, the source where they got their prospects from. Nobody will be able to close any sales if the leads they are getting are bad in the first place and they didn’t verify if until it was too late. I’ve faced this situation myself.

          Here’s my tip for tackling this situation:
          There’s this tool for email prospecting called Aeroleads, it is just a chrome extension that you can get and will help you extract the contact information of the prospects you shortlist and want to run campaigns on. I’m recommending this one because it verifies all the details we get and thereby ensures the quality of leads. I started using this tool and have been able to achieve a remarkable number of sales as compared to my previous performance. You can even do a test run with the free credits you get after you do the free signup here.

          All the best!

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          Profile picture of Alexandra Andone
          ( 380 POINTS )
          1 month ago

          Hi there!
          What are you trying to improve in a sales conversation?
          What have you tried till now and what is your direction?

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