Increase success on email campaigns?

What is the best way to increase open and taking CTA on email campaigns?

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      5 days, 1 hour ago

      Subject lines get emails opened while offers and relevance generate responses.

      Work on your subject lines. I like questions in my subject lines and to this day, “Introduction?” still generates some of our highest open rates.

      CTA’s are all about the offer and a lazy offer is no offer at all. Meaning the offer has to be compelling to work.
      Relevancy is something I have been working on for some time now. Without relevancy, you are irrelevant, etc.
      Intent data can help you with finding prospects who are showing interest in your products and services for better relevancy. Otherwise, you are left to target prospects by job titles and typical company firmographics.

      Something I have been playing around with lately is the shared experience graph (SEG). That’s where you share a common experience with your target audience so you can start with a warm email intro vs a cold email intro.
      The shared experience graph focuses on 4 primary areas, education, work history, military service, and volunteer support.
      So you might want to start with something like:

      Hey FirstName,
      Looking at your LinkedIn profile I noticed we both attend PSU. It’s always great to connect with a fellow Gorilla:)
      I also noticed you are working in HR these days and I was curious to know if you play a role in relocating employees?

      Change out the copy based on your CTA.

      I hope this gives you some ideas.

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    • There are several ways to do this.

      Lets start with opens. I would ask if you have any software for cadencing as it can allow you to see what emails are performing well from an open and click through rate. Also, check to ensure your not using a lot of links and attachments in your emails as this can catch them in spam. Finally check to see what subject lines are trending in the marketing. The list is constantly changing.

      Finally for CTA just make sure to include one. Preferably ask for the meeting on a specific date and time. And don’t give up to soon. It takes 8-10 touches to get a meeting.

      Happy Prospecting!

    • More details would bring you a more specific answer. What is the campaign goal? Nevertheless, in general, try to make up your checklist or copy from the web, I like this one

      The main points in every campaign that need your attention are:
      1. A/B testing. Send two variations of the same campaign, by changing one aspect of one of your emails. For example, test two different subject lines and check open rates.
      2. keep your emails under 200 words – people don’t like reading emails.
      3. personalize your email by adding the name. For example, add a name in the subject line: “Hey _, We have your social media report for you.”
      4. spam. If you have low open rates, then you have the potential to be spamming people. An averagely successful email campaign will around a 20% open rate
      5. reflect on your campaign goal and write your CTA copy accordingly. you can start with easy templates
      6. monitor KPIs to take further actions. I use automated services to check on % of delivered, opened, clicked, unsubscribed

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