Let's build a revenue machine together!


  • Sales Process Setup and Audit
  • Social Selling
  • Org Structure/Compensation
  • Hiring/Managing/Retaining Talent
  • Copy, Scripts and Cadence
  • Sales Ops and Sales Stack coaching
  • and Much More

Sales Hacker has developed the premier Inside Sales consultancy focused on B2B Sales Training & Sales Leadership, Sales Development, Sales Executives, Sales Ops & Enablement, and Customer Success.  

  • Sales Training 
  • Leadership coaching
  • Inside Sales coaching
  • Exclusive NEAT sales training
  • Playbooks
  • SLAs between Sales & Marketing
  • SLAs between SDR/AE/CS

Whether you're a bootstrapped startup, a publicly traded company, or anywhere in between, we can provide your sales organization with the most innovative training, coaching, tools, techniques, strategies, and processes to scale your business. Let us help you build a rock solid revenue machine.


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Meet your Sales Hacker Consultant

Richard Harris is an industry leading sales consultant and thought leader. For 3 consecutive years in a row (2015 - 2017) Richard was named one of the top 25 most influential sales thought leaders by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) 

He has worked with many of the leading companies in the market today, including: Litmos, Udemy, SocialChorus, PushPay, Gainsight, TopOpps, LevelEleven, Mashery, and many more. He's helped early stage startups, expansion-stage SaaS companies, and public corporations that were struggling to build, scale, or innovate within their sales organizations.

Having held every position from SDR, Inside Sales Rep, Inside Sales Manager, Director of Sales, VP of Sales, and Director of Sales Operations, Richard has what he calls a “Liberal Arts” Degree in Sales.

He has a tremendous vision not only from the 60,000 foot view of building a sales organization, but also the 5 foot view down to the actual, tactical execution of sales initiatives. He’s seen it, done it, and innovated on it.

Richard and Max have worked together to create the perfect, next generation of sales consulting.

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