RevOps: Spanning Boundaries with Credibility

And the key attributes of modern RevOps leaders are…

They’ve got to be boundary spanning. They’ve also got to bring that collaborative mindset to the entire organization.

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In this episode, we interview Anthony McPartlin, Principal Analyst at Forrester, about pushing the collaborative process around research creation out to the go-to-market function as a whole.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Extending collaborative research to a collaborative mindset
  • The role of RevOps in accountability, transparency, and trust
  • Traits of a modern RevOps leader
  • Forrester’s newest tech report
  • Anthony’s predictions for 2022


“Regardless of the model that you take, whether it’s centralized, whether its center of excellence, whether it’s a distributed model, you’ve got to engender that collaborative mindset in order to get progress.”

“The nature of the go-to-market function and how these different functions work together is changing pretty rapidly — and revenue operations is at the heart of that change.”

“Fundamentally, what we’re trying to develop is a growth mindset across these different functions.”


  • Engendering a Growth Mindset [9:00-10:00]
  • RevOps Leader Ideal Background [14:10-14:57]
  • Tech Report on Convergence [20:41-21:45]
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