Advice For Economic Downturn: Think Inside the Box

Revenue Innovators Podcast Image - Advice for Economic Downturn with Ryan Blackwell

​The past ~15 years have seen a massive boom in the American economy. Newer companies have only known a time of plenty and hypergrowth.

Now, many founders and leaders find themselves facing new and uncharted territory.

How do they weather a recession?

In this episode, we talked to Ryan Blackwell, CRO at Renaissance Learning. His advice? Focus on the fundamentals. We unpacked the “fundamentals cake” layer by layer.

It starts with understanding your mission, your people, your customers, and thinking inside the box. Listen in before we spoil the rest.

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“The organizations that can drive fundamentals are the ones that are really going to see that acceleration as we come through this uncertain time.” — Ryan Blackwell

“Many organizations are going to have to figure out how to operate in this environment of less-than hypergrowth.” — Ryan Blackwell

“Understand how your customers are impacted by what you’re seeing, then start to provide, augment, or change to build sticky customers.” — Ryan Blackwell

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