Workshop: Effective Sequences


Do you send 3 emails or 7? How long should you wait until sending a follow-up? What does an effective follow-up even look like?

Sam Nelson and Brooke Bachesta, both SDR managers at Outreach, have the answers.

Join their workshop to learn how to set up an effective sequence, adjust your messaging, evaluate your cadence, and more. Have a specific sequence you’d like advice on? Come ready to share!


Sam Nelson – SDR Leader at Outreach

Brooke Bachesta – Sr. Manager, Sales Development at Outreach


  • Cold outbound sequence #1 [2:56]
  • The power of phone calls [23:11]
  • InMail – are you using it correctly? [24:32]
  • Cold outbound sequence #2 [37:46]
  • Including videos and images in the first email [41:38]
  • What makes a sequence effective [52:43]
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