Episode 26: Story Time

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Want to write sales emails like a pro?

Kristina and Will look at common email mistakes (using real examples) and rewrite them so that you can learn what to do differently.

Join Kristina Finseth (Sr. Manager, Outbound Growth Marketing at Greenhouse) and Will Allred (Co-Founder & COO at Lavender) to get TWO perspectives and TWO approaches on real sales emails, every week on Sales Hacker.

Watch today’s re-write, and check out the before and after emails below. 👇

Picture This… Personalization

Subject: Imagine…

You walk into a cafe. Your favourite song is playing. There is no queue.

The barista says “Hey FirstName!“.

He knows your usual order. He charges the balance to your loyalty card. In less than a minute, your beverage is in hand.

You’re in and out in 2 minutes BUT you want to stay longer. Because it’s a friendly place with a fun, warm atmosphere.

So you take your time. Enjoy your coffee. Get a pastry to go and say, “See you tomorrow!”. Knowing you’ll never get this experience from any other cafe.

Easy, engaging, familiar from start to finish. COMPANY‘s customers could feel like this online by using the behavioural data you already have.

Shall we discuss?



If I’m telling the story…

Subject: India Experience


Imagine you’re going into a cafe in New Delhi.

Your phone buzzes and you’re presented with the daily special. It happens to be a list of your favorites.

You click. You’re given a table number to relax at.

This experience isn’t sci-fi. As an innovation leader, you know this.

As you expand into India, I believe we can be your digital infrastructure for making this happen.

Open for a conversation on this?

I can bring some learnings from our mobile-first project with COMPANY NAME.

How I’d actually approach it…

Subject: India & Mobile


I was reading about your expansion into India. You outlined the very different needs of these consumers.

As you pointed out. India is a mobile-first market. But as many have come to learn, India isn’t just “one” market.

You’ll need to be prepared to deliver a personalized experience… on a wild variety of devices.

We helped COMPANY NAME nail this in ~ 6 months.

Think it’s worth a conversation to see if that experience can apply here?


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