Why I’m So Excited for Revenue Summit

Happy Monday, Sales Hackers!

March 7th and 8th marks the first ever Revenue Summit. With the success of our last Sales Stack, we decided it would be a huge plus if we added a marketing element. So we partnered with FlipMyFunnel and created the ultimate Sales & Marketing event. It’s something our audience had been asking for, and made so much sense, so we made it happen.

The Revenue Summit is the first event of its kind. If you’ve been to a past Sales Hacker event, you know we do things a little differently. Here’s why I’m so insanely pumped for this year’s Revenue Summit.

50-50 Male to Female speaker ratio – Yup, this ain’t your grandfather’s airport hotel Sales or Marketing conference. This was something we focused on from the very beginning. What you see on stage is what’s reflected in the audience, and we’re passionate about being the future of sales. The future of sales is diverse and inclusive. These people are both the leaders of today and tomorrow.

For practitioners, by practitioners – The people on stage do your role at hyper growth or enterprise companies. You can either make the same mistakes they made, or you can learn from them and do it the easy way. Up to you really.

Not matter what role you’re in within Sales or Marketing, and no matter what size company you represent, I guarantee you’ll find hyper relevant content that you’ll be able to use in your job immediately.

  • Learn how hyper growth companies like Slack, Segment, and Intercom optimize ramping and on board sales reps at scale.
  • Learn how to do outbound from companies who’ve done it so successfully they’ve gone from $0-$10m in ARR at breakneck speed
  • Learn how Salesforce aligns Sales and Marketing from the SVP level
  • Learn how to run an ABM playbook from the original Account Based pros at successful companies like MongoDB, WhiteHat, Procore, Invoca and more.
  • Get the key learnings to going from $0-$100m from execs at Mulesoft, Cloudera, Box, and more.

My favorite part of the event is what we’re doing in the afternoon on Day 2. Instead of overloading the event with onstage content on predetermined topics, we’re breaking out and running a few rapid fire question and answer sessions with our speakers so you can ask them your burning questions about the things specific to your organization. It’s almost like having a private Sales Development/Sales Operations/Demand Gen/Marketing consultant.

The access to these folks who have been there, done that is unprecedented. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn the things that potentially change your business or career.

Enterprise & Decision Makers – to quote Drake, “we started from the bottom now we here!” Well sorta. We started as a conference for sales at startups, and have really grown to become more of the next generation of B2B Sales.

We want to be able to turn you on to the future tech, tactics, and strategies that can help you and your org do more with less, and do it even better, whether you’re the first sales hire for a seed stage company, the seventeen thousandth Corporate Account Executive for a Fortune 500 company, or a seasoned Sales Leader anywhere. Now we’re at a point where larger companies are attending and engaging more frequently and the brand has really turned that corner.

These are just a few of the folks coming to Revenue Summit, 

Facebook, GE, Kyocera, Ericsson, Veeva, Workday, Deltek, Autodesk, Adobe, National Instruments, LexisNexis, Cornerstone, Concur, PayPal, NetApp, Square, and many, many more.

Marketing Overlap – It’s undeniable that Sales and Marketing are overlapping and collaborating more than ever before. That’s why we partnered with the folks at FlipMyFunnel to do an event that included Marketing as an equal topic. SDRs are rolling up to Marketing more and more. Technology stacks are integrated and span both sides of the business. Collaboration is imperative. Expect to see more content here from us in the future.

Experience – We usually do a great job in making sure the experience is well thought out. A lot goes into making people feel comfortable and even making sure people have fun at a conference.

One of the things we love doing is LinkedIn Headshots. Come in classy attire and get your new headshots done for free at the Revenue Summit. Say goodbye to that pic of you at your cousin’s wedding.

Outside of that, we’ve made it very easy for you to network and connect with folks in Sales Ops/Enablement, Sales Leadership, Sales Development, Marketing Ops, Marketing Leadership, and more.

It’s important to facilitate meaningful and relevant conversations as that’s a huge part of the event. So you can do this while enjoying fresh squeezed juices, fresh baked cookies and scones, puppies, Happy Hour, and much more!

Loyal SH Friends – I’ll be quick with the sappiness but man our community is awesome. I’ve been working on Sales Hacker for about 3 years now and the people I’ve gotten to interact with are f***ing badass.

I went through the list last night of everyone who ever came to a Sales Hacker event in San Francisco. We enriched it so that everyone on there now has their new title and company on it if they switched. I saw an amazing trend. A lot of the folks on the list are now sales leaders or VP Sales at the hottest companies in the bay area. This means they went on to get great opportunities, or their company has grown like crazy in the past 3 years.

I take a ton of pride is seeing results like these. These are the types of people that keep coming to our events. Winners. The ones who really want it. They want to learn, work hard, make money, and grow their careers.

Biggest and best vendors – It’s pretty cool that we’re gotten to a point with the brand and the audience that has some of the biggest players in the space showcasing their solutions at our event. It’s also pretty cool that the hottest companies want to participate as well.

There’s so much excitement around the future of sales and how technology can empower your workforce like their own Iron Man suit. Attendees will be able to build their Sales and Marketing stacks on the spot.

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 12.55.29 PM.png

We’re excited to host you on March 7th in San Francisco. If you still need a ticket, sign up HERE with my personal code for a sweet discount, and do it ASAP while tickets still last. They might be SOLD OUT by the end of the week. DON’T MISS OUT!

See you soon,


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