Bringing Honeywell into the Future of Sales with Tim Hudson

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Many companies, like Honeywell, are preparing themselves for a looming recession according to what many economists believe. 

Honeywell realizes that they have to change the way that they do business from top to bottom. Not only will they have to change their B2B marketing strategy, but who they are as a company.

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Tim Hudson, the Global Vice President of Commercial Excellence of Honeywell, is bringing his years of experience to usher Honeywell into the future.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Tim Hudson leveraging his critical thinking and background to help Honeywell navigate through a looming recession
  • How to have a positive outlook on a smaller more agile sale team being the future of B2B selling
  • Being a leading force in Honeywell becoming more of a IoT software company, opposed from it being traditionally a manufacturing company


“There’s a direct correlation between the type of leader you are and your ability to communicate effectively and challenge individuals open their mind.”— Tim Hudson

“As you focus on the things you can control, you start gaining clarity around what needs to be done to move forward.”— Tim Hudson

“You need to leverage a truth, mindset, philosophy, and methodology to create a solid foundation.”— Tim Hudson


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