It’s Not Sales Enablement, It’s Go-to-Market Enablement

Enablement as a function — not sales enablement, but go-to-market enablement — will continue to rise in prominence because it helps to orient the whole go-to-market team around how buyers want to buy.

It drives customer experience, revenue, and forecasting. It integrates data, platforms, processes, and teams. To succeed, it takes cultural change.

In this episode, we interview Toby Carrington EVP of Global Operations at Seismic about building a RevOps function from scratch and the enablement side of operations.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Why RevOps also includes enablement
  • Drinking your own champaign, aka using your own platform
  • Leveraging social selling in the era of Generation Brand
  • Reframing RevOps at Seismic in just two years
  • All things forecasting

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