• How to overcome the current trends and challenges of finding sales talent.
  • How to create an effective evaluation and hiring process that captures the best sales talent.
  • Actionable strategies to improve all phases of your hiring process from job listings to interview questions.
  • Learn best practices for employee retention - don't lose your best people.

How to Hire and Retain Top Sales Talent


Here's What You'll Learn:

Why Attend?

Every sales leader worries about hiring and retaining good talent. In a competitive sales environment, the urgency to hire is strong and the cost of churn is high. 

LinkedIn is no exception, but by putting talent and diversity first, they have learned a great deal about how to hire best-in-class sales talent. 


LinkedIn Sales Solutions will share best practices and provide a behind the scenes look at how they get it done!

Hear from LinkedIn sales leader, Dan Stanton Jr., as he shares his philosophy on how to create an effective hiring process for your sales team.

Dan Stanton Jr

Founder & CEO

Sales Hacker

Meet The Speakers

Max Altschuler

Regional Sales Manager


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