Building Your Own Productivity Process to Make the Most out of Your Workday


Skipping sleep can only go so far. The amount of productivity you can squeeze out of every hour can drastically impact your earnings, success, and your quality of life as a whole.

Scott has spent over a decade refining his productivity process. It’s allowed him to host multiple podcasts, an annual event, publish books, stay fit, spend time with his family, and even get a healthy amount of sleep (unbelievable, we know!). All this while selling millions each year in his day job as an account director.

Scott will dive deep into how you can: — Reduce distractions and purge unnecessary meetings. — Stay focused on your biggest priorities. — Stay creative on a rigid structure. If you want to make the most out of every hour in your workday, and maybe finally get that recommended 8 hours of sleep, then this talk is for you.

Scott Ingram – Account Director at Relationship One


  • What are the four P’s [5:45]
  • Step 1: Purge [10:03]
  • Step 2: Daily Process [12:07]
  • Email management [18:44
  • Weekly process [21:52]
  • Step 3: Prioritize [24:11]
  • Step 4: Preform [25:51]
  • Some helpful resources [33:23]
  • Accountability and Planning to fail [33:39]
  • Q & A [34:36]
  • Sign in

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