The Power of Personal Branding: How to Create a Meaningful Career Through the Magic of You


Get ready to embrace the inner social media star in you. But thankfully you don’t have to eat a ghost pepper or anything like that (unless you want to).

Amy Slater, Global VP, Internet Security Services at Palo Alto and author will be showing us how to tap into what makes us unique to build a personal brand that will help us grow personally and professionally.

Don’t miss her session to learn the magic of personal branding. (You’ll learn why magic is italicized, we promise.)

Amy Slater – Global Vice President at Palo Alto Networks


  • Why does your brand matter? [5:07]
  • How to use MAGIC to build your brand [7:03]
  • What message are you sending? [7:38]
  • How to be authentic [9:59]
  • The importance of your network [12:07]
  • Networking while working from home [19:26]
  • What impression do you want to leave [19:40]
  • Why is consistency in your brand important [23:25]
  • Authenticity can feel vulnerable [26:20]
  • Reconnecting with LinkedIn members [28:09]
  • The line between personal and professional connections [29:50]

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