How I Gained 10,000 LinkedIn Followers in Seven Months


Since March 2020, David reached record levels of engagement with a 26% rise in activity. How did he stand out in the noise, reach 10K+ followers, and gain 100% of his coaching clients?

Join David to explore his top LinkedIn hacks and how to maximize your LinkedIn profile and online presence to drive engagement.

You will leave knowing:

  • How to establish thought leadership that pierces through the clutter
  • <30 minute, actionable profile fixes that will have a tremendous impact
  • Ways to convert LinkedIn profile views into long-term relationships — How to maintain relationships with buyers at scale through content that dances with the algorithm, not against it
  • How to comfortably get more active on LinkedIn and sustainably build a thought leadership platform.

David Rosenstein – Founder of DR Consulting


  • Why is your LinkedIn important? [1:56]
  • How to thrive on LinkedIn [3:04]
  • Where does your profile currently stand? [3:26]
  • How to get comfortable with creating content on LinkedIn [5:55]
  • 6 steps to ease into content creation [7:54]
  • How to gain traction with your content [9:38]
  • How to convert content consumers into buyers [12:39]
  • How to improve first impressions [12:57]
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