How to Take Control of Your Personal Finances


Are you tired of wondering where your money goes every month — and why everyone seems to have more of it than you do? You’re not alone.

John Healy spent 15 years of his sales career in the same spot before making a dramatic shift. Now he and his wife have paid off student loans and tripled their net worth in 3 years.

Join this session to go beyond the ‘hacks’. We’ll dig into what matters most to you, identify the enemies of common sense finance and the basics of how to build a budget with your comp plan.

John Healy – VP of Sales at Delivery Drivers, Inc.


  • Who is John Healy? [2:52]
  • Why are you trying to take control of your finances? [4:57]
  • The game of scary numbers [9:49]
  • Traps to avoid [17:31]
  • Overcoming traps [22:30]
  • Why should you budget? [29:18]
  • How to start today [32:34]
  • Questions and answers [45:20]

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