How to Think Like a Revenue Ecologist

Revenue Innovators Podcast Image - How to Think Like a Revenue Ecologist with Conner Burt

Revenue leaders: Are you thinking like an ecologist?

Quick refresher: an ecologist studies how wildlife interacts with their environment.

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On today’s episode, Conner Burt (Co-Founder and President at Lessonly) describes Revenue Operations’ nirvana state as a “healthy wetland.”

Now, if you’re thinking ew gross a swamp with bugs—you’re missing the big picture and how valuable it is to the ecosystem. Plants are improving water quality, food is nourishing the animals, and more.

In the same way, RevOps is under-appreciated. Leaders must adopt a strategic, long-term mindset to understand how decisions impact the entire revenue ecosystem.


“When I say the best RevOps practitioners are thinking like an ecologist, it’s this keen observational lens, thinking not just about the near term thing, but how that impacts everything else.” — Conner Burt

“If my user uses the product in this way with this frequency, I’m X percent more likely to renew. That’s the kind of insight you operationalize across the business.” — Conner Burt

“Customers using your product and software and renewing year over year, that’s the lifeblood of the business. If you don’t have that dialed in, nothing else matters.” — Conner Burt



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