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How Your Customers Are Your Best Sales Channel

Social Selling

*Editors Note: Recaps and slide decks from the Sales Hacker Series – Hacking Lead Gen in Toronto are brought to you by Third Core. Third Core designs and executes repeatable, predictable sales strategies for technology companies all over North America. Follow us @Third_Core.

This session is titled Your Customer Are Your Best Sales Channel by Emmanuel Skala, VP of Sales, Influitive.

Buyers Are In Control, Salespeople Need to Adapt

  • Use an advocate network to ensure prospects have access to positive endorsements early in the cycle
  • Make advocate enlistment a high priority activity in your company
  • Ask advocates to review you on social pages, review sites, etc.

**Read Geoffrey Moore’s “Crossing the Chasm”- Good Read Don’t Be Old School

  • Traditional approach says not to introduce referrals until prospects are close to close
  • Better to introduce referrals early in the cycle when prospects are the most unsure
  • 4.2 x higher probability of closing a deal when using advocacy 

Be a “Matchmaker”

  • Introduce advocates that have similar roles and responsibilities to your prospect
  • Frame introduction so it is beneficial to both parties, not just you

Delight Your Customers

  • Get to know them through sales cycle, send them a gift when the deal closes
  • 60% of Brand Loyalty is based on sales process

Take Advantage of the Honeymoon Period

  • Soon after closing the deal ask customer for a referral. Who do they know that might benefit from the same solution? Who do they know that has the same challenges? 

The Influitive Sales Process


  • Hack #1- Build Personal Brand, Get Advocates to Review you
  • Hack #2-  Be a matchmaker with your prospects

Educate – 75% of Sales Process

  • Hack #1-  Get advocates to give you reviews
  • Hack #2-  Rethink references- give them earlier!


  • Hack #1-  Delight with gifts and insights
  • Hack #2-  Ask for referrals from new customers

Three Times to Ask for Referral

  1. Disqualified – They cant use your product or service but is there anyone in there network that can
  2. After the Deal is closed
  3. When the customer received value from Product / Service

Close the loop

  • When someone gives you a referral provide them an update on how the sales cycle is progressing


  • Begin to build a culture of advocacy with your customers
  • Go and ask your customers whether they are willing to provide references a few times a month, provide them value for doing so (ie. introduce them to people they value meeting)
  • Introduce referrals earlier in the cycle by being a matchmaker
  • Connect, educate, and delight!

Sales Hacker Series Toronto was Sponsored by Third CoreToutAppSales For Life, and Influitive.
Emmanuelle Skala

Emmanuelle is a SaaS sales veteran who has run sales teams at DigitalOcean, Influitive, VMTurbo, and Sophos. She regularly advises small companies and serves on the advisory board of 4 start-ups. Emmanuelle lives outside of Boston with her husband and 3 girls.