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How to Create a Journey: Impact and Critical Event (Summit Replay)

Impact and Critical Event
Selling & Closing

This video training was originally presented at the 2019 Sales Hacker Success Summit. In it, Founder and CEO of Winning by Design, Jacco VanderKooij, shows you how to fill your pipeline by focusing on customer success to win the RIGHT accounts.

What You’ll Learn

  • What customer “fit” really means.
  • The difference between impact and value.
  • How to focus your outreach around a critical event to score the RIGHT accounts.


Outline and Timestamps

◉ What “Fit” Means(01:48)

◉ Impact vs Value(03:39)

◈ Rational Impact (05:22)

◈ Emotional Impact (06:57)

◉ The Critical Event: (08:50)

◈ Priority (11:59)

◉ Bringing it All Together (14:13)

◈ How Impact and Critical Events Are Related (15:26)

◈ How to Get Started (17:02)

Who is Jacco VanderKooij?

Jacco VanderKooij is the Founder and CEO of Winning By Design and Sales Mentor at Storm Ventures and Reach Capital. He grew up in a large Midwest family where the family name was their bank account, and they have been putting into that savings account for over 50 years. The Van der Kooij’s have created a name for themselves based around hard work, and a willingness to help others.

Fast forward to today, a time where the subscription (SaaS) business model is impacting organizations big and small. Why? Because in the subscription business you MUST make a client successful! You have to earn an honest word-of-mouth reference by exceeding a client’s expectation. You have to work hard and build a reputation.

Jacco’s life has always been driven by these values, and he feels like his life has been improved by helping his customers. He takes any chance to share how helping customers can transform your life as well. As such, he’s a SaaS Keynote speaker for conferences such as RD Summit Brazil, SaaS Beijing, Rainmaker Atlanta, SaaStock Dublin, SalesHacker London, Revenue Summit Atlanta, Rock Your Revenue Sydney, etc.

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