Best-in-Class Prospecting is A BAD HABIT: The Calendar 1st Approach Changes Everything


For far too long sales has been optimizing a prospecting process that makes life easier for the rep, but hasn’t put that same focus on the buyer’s experience.

In this session, you will learn how to change normal sales prospecting conventions in a way that will impact your conversion rates and pipeline immediately.

So, if you want to see how to take a more buyer-centric approach that saves 31% of your reps time, while exponentially driving more revenue, join our session.

Panelist: Trey Allison – Co-founder & CEO of Kronologic


  • The “Last Mile” problem: Where sales meets marketing [2:45]
  • Discovery of the calendar 1st approach [4:16]
  • Best practice vs. Calendar 1st approach [7:04]
  • Why should you utilize Calendar 1st method [11:50]
  • The 8 deadly meeting invite mistakes [16:08]
  • How to create a valuable meeting invite [19:24]
  • Mixing calendar 1st with automation [27:33]
  • 4 techniques to get started today [28:05]
  • How far out to schedule the meeting [39:08]
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