Sales Hacker’s 50 Most Influential Women in Sales

Welcome to Sales Hacker’s influential Women in Sales List!

Gone are the days of women constantly competing with each other. Now we begin to usher in camaraderie: not just focusing on elevating ourselves, but on who else we can bring to the table with us.

Resilience, empathy, willingness to learn, and persistence: all these traits and more are seen demonstrated by every single woman on this list day in and day out. As you go through the list of influential women in sales, think about the 4 key traits of a stellar saleswoman below. 

Reflect on what challenges these women may have had to overcome, and what you can do to help provide more space for more women — just like these women have done for you. 


Ever apply for that job but someone else gets it? Ever ask for that promotion but be told “no”? How did you respond when you were faced with that disappointment? If you got back up and came back even stronger, then you demonstrated resilience. Resilience is all about how you face obstacles, challenges, and disappointments, but still choose to overcome and give 100%.

Let’s not sugar coat this. It’s not easy. It takes a lot of grit to know your worth and to be able to keep going, no matter the obstacle. Once you know that you deserve better (you most definitely do) you can become more resilient.


When you’re in a conference room listening to the concerns of your peers (and really hearing them) you’re being empathetic. We have an amazing ability to really listen and understand what those around us say and are able to ask questions to go deeper into the discussion to get to the real root of it all. 

With empathy comes power. You’re able to understand those frustrations your fellow women in sales have, and partner alongside them. This skill isn’t just for the boardroom, or the manager meetings, but for your team, too. Being able to empathize with your employees, hear their struggles, relate to them, and partner with them to create a better situation allows for true growth and future success. 

Willingness to Learn

This should be a no brainer. All these women didn’t get to where they are today without a strong desire to not only be the best at what they do, but to learn how to be better than they could imagine being.

With so many resources available, especially for free, there are more women stepping up and growing in their knowledge of sales, relationships, communications, etc. Remember, being willing to learn also means being willing to apply. Take what you learn, and use it in your daily life. 


We have all had moments in our lives where we were faced with a task, and had to decide whether we continued and accomplished it, or to stop dead in our tracks and turn around. Hopefully you chose to demonstrate persistence and faced that opportunity head on and accomplished it! 

The influential women you see listed below are not here because they turned around when things got tough. Instead, they leaned into the challenge and decided to take it in for everything it was worth. They worked hard. 

They were diligent. They struggled. Yet they continued and achieved their goal. 

Let’s jump in.

Chief Executive Officers (CEOs)

The following women in sales are CEOs in different companies and are constantly raising the bar in sales.


sales woman trish bertuzzi Trish Bertuzzi – CEO of The Bridge Group | Evangelist of women speaking at conferences

Trish Bertuzzi founded The Bridge Group to help B2B technology companies build world-class Inside Sales teams. For more than two decades, she has promoted sales development and inside sales as a community, professional, and engine for revenue growth. Her book The Sales Development Playbook is an absolute must-read for everyone in the sales industry. She is also a part of the Women Sales Pros advisory board. Follow up with her updates on Twitter at @bridgegroupinc.


Carolyn Betts how to be a good saleswoman Carolyn Betts – Founder & CEO at Betts Recruiting

Prior to starting Betts Recruiting, Carolyn has spent most of her career in Sales and recruiting. Her firm Betts Recruiting is the go-to agency for companies looking to find sales, marketing and client services talent in the US. She has helped a lot of venture-backed companies scale their sales teams and partnered with early-stage companies to find their first crucial sales hire. Carolyn was selected as one of AA-ISP’s Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professionals and was a finalist for the Ebbies Change Leader Award.


Jamie Crosbie – Founder & CEO at ProActivate

Jamie Crosbie is a certified peak performance mindset speaker. During her training sessions, she shares both the science and working tools that you can use immediately to enhance performance both for yourself and your team members. She has 20 years of experience in sales leadership and the talent acquisition industry. She started her career in traditional recruiting firms primarily in sales leadership positions before starting her own venture ProActivate. She is the author of The Power of 2 – Exponential Sales Leadership, a book for sales managers built on real-world sales experiences.


Lori Richardson – Founder and CEO of Score More Sales; Women in Sales Advocate

Lori Richardson is the driving force behind the Women Sales Pros for the past six years. She spent the first 15 years of her business career as a salesperson and leader closing $100M worth of deals. She currently helps mid-market technology companies grow front-line revenues and build world-class sales teams based on what she has learned over years in successes and failures. You can follow her on Twitter at @scoremoresales.


Kasey Jones – Cofounder, CEO + Growth Strategist at BetterJones

As a leading thought leadership and growth coach, Kasey empowers resilient entrepreneurs to transform personal struggle into professional triumph. As founder of A Better Jones, she coaches entrepreneurs, early-stage startup founders, and ambitious business professionals to define the vision for their future, tap into their unique strengths, and create the fastest path toward business growth. You can follow her on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube at @abetterjones


Amy Volas – CEO at Avenue Talent Partners

Amy Volas is the CEO of Avenue Talent Partners and has closed over $100m+ in sales in her 20-year career. She’s one of the premier thought leaders in sales and is a frequent contributor to the Sales Hacker blog. She specializes in recruiting, ramp, training, sales culture, and much more. 


Bernadette McClelland – CEO at 3 Red Folders Trainer | Coach

Bernadette McClelland helps CEOs and their sales teams increase their sales results and performance by building teams that are resilient, high performing and super successful. Her business, 3 Red Folders, ensures their customers create solid results by uniquely incorporating the art, neuroscience and psychology of modern-day selling into the sales process of every company she partners. Her recently published book, ‘The Art of Commercial Conversations‘, highlights the commercial leadership skills and conversations needed for B2B sales executives, leaders and business owners in today’s world.


Shari Levitin – CEO of Levitin Group | Bestselling Author

Shari Levitin is a bestselling author, business growth expert, sales trainer and keynote speaker. Her top goal has always been to see the personal transformation of people through learning and development. She founded the Levitin Group in 1997 to share her proven techniques in two distinct ways: keynote speaking and helping businesses scale their training programs. She works with sales leaders and VPs to evaluate their sales team and implement development programs. Her book Heart and Sell is cited as must read for any salesperson.


Misha McPherson – CEO at HumbleGritSales | Sales Enablement at SaaSy Sales Management

After running sales enablement internally for many years, Misha McPherson took that experience and have rolled it out into a hands-on consultancy. With over 20 years of experience in tech sales, she has built sales enablement programs for tech stalwarts like Mixpanel, Responsys, Yammer, Yahoo!, Monster, and a number of other companies. She has also rolled out the first Sales Enablement BootCamp for Sales Enablement professionals.


Deb Calvert – President at People First Productivity

Deb Calvert works with companies to build organizational strength by putting people first. Her work in sales training, leadership development and team effectiveness are research-based and people-focused. One of the ways Deb personally “puts people first” is by providing free resources for individuals. Her book Stop Selling & Start Leading is a terrific read on buyer experience and sales.



These iconic women in sales have founded various companies. Take a look at our exclusive list.


Lauren Bailey Sales Hacker Top Women in Sales image Lauren Bailey – Founder and President, Factor 8 | Founder, #GirlsClub

Lauren Bailey was voted “Top 25 Most Influential Leaders in Inside Sales” by The American Association of Inside Sales Professionals 2013-2018. Her award-winning sales firm Factor 8 has been instrumental in helping sales teams with their sales and management development programs. Her company #GirlsClub is dedicated to changing the face of sales leaders. #GirlsClub helps women sales reps navigate the tricky path to sales leadership with their management training, mentoring, confidence building, and community.


Anneke Seley – Founder at Reality Works | Advisory Board Member AA-ISP

Anneke Seley is a recognized pioneer and thought leader in the field of modern sales and marketing. She is the founder of Oracle’s global multi-billion dollar inside sales organization. Her team of experts at Reality Works Group helps companies build revenue–generating businesses of the future. She introduces modern practices such as inside sales, hybrid sales teams, social selling, predictive analytics, behavioral mechanics and gamification to the sales models. She co-wrote the book “Sales 2.0” that defines next-generation selling.


Cynthia Barnes Sales Hacker Top Women in Sales Image Cynthia Barnes – Founder and CEO of NAWSP

Cynthia Barnes is the CEO of The National Associate of Women Sales Professionals, a 12,800+ member group of women in sales. With NAWSP, she helps thousands of women share stories, get answers, find inspiration, make better decisions, network with women like them, and in her words, help break the glass ceiling. We highly recommend getting involved with the NAWSP if you are looking for a group of like-minded women in sales. 


Paula White – Founder at Paula S White LCC

Paula White has a great passion for three things:

  • Help others find their unique style of leadership
  • Helping salespeople uncover their interest and preferences and
  • Revealing how they can empower others.

Four words, “Flip the Organizational Chart” have changed her career performance and set her on a rewarding path of helping others get more from a team consistently and efficiently.

Her 30 years of experience in sales, leading teams, and coaching other women in sales gives her the expertise to help people make a significant difference in sales and leadership.


Patrice Greene – President and Co-founder of Inverta

Patrice is one of the early pioneers in the marketing automation space. She has a track record of success in leading revenue growth for start-up organizations. Patrice recognized that today’s modern marketing leader has challenges and needs that weren’t being met by the existing consulting landscape. She founded Inverta, whose main purpose is to plug that gap that exists between high-level, theoretical consulting outputs and point level service providers. She has won numerous awards including Inc. 500 Winner and Top Women leader of 2018.


Alice Heiman – Founder at Alice Heiman LLC

Alice Heiman is a sales strategist, coach and keynote speaker. She helps SMB companies drive growth by incorporating the newest research and best practices to enable business owners to bring about sustainable change that leads to growth. She demonstrates how sales performance is directly related to a leader’s mindset.  Alice specializes in fast-growing mid-market companies. She supports the companies in developing sales strategies, sales management skills and developing a sales organization to sustain growth. She has been named as the Saleswoman of the Year by Professional Saleswomen of Nevada.


Jo-Anne Jaspen – Founder at SHIFT Sales + Marketing

Jo-Anne Jaspen is a passionate growth strategist, B2B revenue leader, mentor, and startup advisor. Her coaching and training is centered around a simple idea: successful sales is based on 3 building blocks: authenticity, transparency and curiosity. She specializes in assessing and understanding the unique rhythms, strengths and stage-specific needs of her Startup, SMB and Enterprise clients to drive results. She has a strong background in SaaS, psychology, visual communication, design, advertising, along with modern sales practices and neuroscience principles.


Nancy Nardin – Founder of Smart Selling Tools

Nancy Nardin is a sales technology stack expert, empowering business and enabling growth. She is a nationally recognized thought leader on sales and marketing productivity tools. Backed by nearly 30 years of sales and marketing expertise, Nancy is a pioneer in sales prospecting technology – first as a service provider and now as an evangelist and expert. She is a frequent speaker and writer on using technology to drive revenue throughout the sales pipeline.


Senior Level Executives

Julie Hansen – Sales Presentation Expert | Author of Sales Presentation for Dummies

Julie Hansen specializes in helping sales teams craft and deliver winning presentations and demos by applying today’s best practices from business, acting, improv, and storytelling. Julie is the author of two books, Sales Presentations for Dummies and ACT Like a Sales Pro! Prior to founding Performance Sales & Training, Julie spent 20 years walking the talk as a sales leader in a variety of competitive industries, including technology, media and real estate.


Kristen Cinalli – Head of Sales & Client Solutions at SecurityTrails

Kristen Cinalli is an experienced Senior Software Sales Specialist who has proven competence in the SAAS industry. She is highly motivated and has helped board 1,700+ business in 7.5 complete years of selling.

Being goal-oriented, Kristen has mastered the art of working inter-departmentally to arrive at profitable conclusions that help prospects and clients achieve their set goals.

She is also highly skilled in:

  • Sales
  • SalesForce
  • Microsoft Office Sales
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Account Management.

Her skills have led to her being hired to find, cultivate and win sales opportunities within a B2B environment.


Ashley Levesque – Brand and Revenue Driver at Demio

Having vast experience in a wide range of disciplines, Ashley Levesque adds the most value when there is an opportunity to establish and cultivate relationships with internal and external stakeholders of a business.

She uses emotional intelligence and her impeccable business strategy expertise to foster trust delivering first-class results.

The disciplines she thrives in include:

  • Demand generation marketing
  • Operations and analytics
  •  Channel development and marketing,
  • sales enablement/training/education
  • Business strategy.

Ashley is good at optimizing platforms such as Hubspot, Marketo, and Salesforce.com.


Caroline Celis – Senior Manager, Business Development at G2

Another iconic woman in sales is Caroline Celis. She is a business development manager riding the rocket ship at G2. Caroline firmly believes in hardwork that pays, which has become a massive part of her team’s success.

Being an influencer, she develops the next generation of tech leaders. Caroline has been at the forefront of business by:

  • Creating email merges
  •  Running salesforce reports
  • Helping craft up creative responses that set meetings and,
  •  Answering the crucial business questions.

Those who have worked with her regard her as highly ethical. She has always had an energy that is contagious, leading to more profit realization.


Maria Bross – Sales Enablement Manager at BoomTown Real Estate

Maria bounced around for years without getting results that were consistent in sales. There were moments in her life that she felt like she was not cut out to be in sales. She had to go through exceptional leadership training to learn about attitude and beliefs about success in sales.

Today, Maria shares the knowledge she has gathered through experience and comprehensive sales boot camps. She helps salespeople who live a purpose-driven life achieve their goals.

This is what she advises salespeople to do:

  • Build a bullet-proof plan by never leaving success to chance
  • Always have a 1% growth every day by adopting a growth mindset
  • Experiment with different sales tactics
  • Make sales fun by owning what makes you a great saleswoman.

Maria is also a wife, lifelong learner, and an SC Raw Powerlifting Record Holder.


Nicole Morsilli – Senior Territory Sales Manager, Carolinas/Tennessee at eSentire

Nicole Morsilli is an out of the box thinker. She doesn’t do complacent and believes neither should you. Nicole focuses on understanding her clients’ pain points and addressing them with appropriate solutions rather than forcing cookie-cutter solutions.

Nicole builds rapport with prospects and clients quickly. This helps her transition to being a trusted security advisor with ease.

Here are some of the issues she addresses:

  • Getting past ‘good enough’ cyber-security
  • Lacking visibility across networks, endpoints, hybrid and cloud environment
  • The struggle of identifying real threats amidst daily alerts
  • Infosec/IT leaders who are resource and time-strapped


Alexine Mudawar – Major Account Executive at Displayr

Alexine’s sales career dates back to her childhood, where she did door-to-door selling. This iconic saleswoman shares her effective strategy on how to be a good saleswoman. Here are the steps she follows:

  • Canvas a territory
  • Develop an ideal customer profile
  • Knock on doors
  • Understand my buyer
  • Develop relationships
  • Finally, seal the deal.

This strategy has seen her carry 8+ years of SaaS sales experience. She’s also backed by many President’s Club awards and quarterly high achievement recognitions.

Alexine has expertise in outbound selling, triple threat prospecting, pipeline generation, sales business planning, among others.


Emily Meyer – Head of Smash Your Sales Quota

Emily is one of those women in sales who consistently close a monthly quota outperforming three combined account executive quotas. She has a decade of sales experience.

During her time at BrightEdge, Emily found her way to the top becoming the highest performing account executive.

She has a passion for cultivating and delivering partnerships vital in driving meaningful results to clients.


Amy Appleyard – VP of Sales at VMware Carbon Black

Amy Appleyard is an experienced, strategic sales leader with demonstrated success in overseeing cross-functional teams to improve the customer experience, drive sales and increase retention in both Distribution as well as SaaS-based sales organizations. She is passionate about managing and motivating others and working in high-pressure, fast-paced collaborative environments.


Andrea Austin Sales Hacker Top Women in Sales image Andrea Austin – VP at Nokia Software | Published Author

Andrea has been building high-performance, customer-focused teams that capture sustainable growth for over 20 years. She was recognized as a leading sales mentor by Women in Sales North America. She is the co-author of a business book, called Aligned to Achieve, about sales and marketing alignment. Andrea has led numerous sales initiatives and teams at enterprise software and solution providers, including Varolii, IBM, Symphony Technology Group, Vitria Technology, DigitalThink, and PeopleSoft.


Brooke Bachesta– SDR Manager at Outreach

Brooke Bachesta is a SaaS sales professional with experience as an individual contributor, people manager and process builder. Before joining Outreach, she worked as a sales operations consultant at a woman-owned voluntary benefits firm.



Tonni Bennett Sales Hacker Top Women in Sales Image

Tonni Bennett – Director of Sales at Twilio Inc.

Tonni is a sales leader passionate about building a unique, diverse and value-driven sales team. She’s a sales leader with an accomplished background at several tech startups. She has won various awards such as Top Sales Leader, TAG One in a Millenial Awards 2016 and Power 30 Under 30 winner 2016.


Joanne Black Sales Hacker Top Women in Sales Image Joanne Black – Author | Speaker | LinkedIn Learning Instructor

Joanne Black is one of the leading authorities in referral selling. As the founder of No More Cold Calling, Joanne helps salespeople, sales teams, and business owners build their referral networks to quickly attract more business. An engaging speaker and innovative seminar leader, Joanne is changing the business of sales. As a member of the National Speakers Association, she regularly speaks at sales and incentive meetings, sales conferences, and association meetings. She is the bestselling author of No More Cold Calling and Pick Up The Damn Phone.


Jennifer Brandenburg – Inside Sales Executive at The Bridge Group | Board Member at Silicon Valley, VP Sales Forum

Jennifer Brandenburg is an industry sales leader in building high-impact organizations that are repeatable, measurable and predictable. She is a thought-leader and expert in growing sales, inside sales and marketing organizations. She has more than 20 years of deep enterprise sales experience managing sales operations and growing sales organizations in the high technology industry. She has strong leadership experience in inside sales, field sales, operations, and marketing.


Sally Duby – CSO at The Bridge Group

Sally Duby is the Chief Sales Officer at The Bridge Group and a pioneer of Inside Sales and Sales Development best practices. Through her work at The Bridge Group, she has helped teams achieve repeatable and predictable growth through combining next-generation technologies and services with innovative sales processes. She’s spoken at many Sales Hacker and other large sales conferences and runs a Bay Area VP Sales Forum.


Tracy Eiler – CMO at Alation | Co-founder and Board Member at Women in Revenue | Author

Tracy Eiler has been driving marketing strategy at both cloud-based and traditional enterprise technology companies for 25 years. Tracy was recently named a B2B Demand Marketing Game Changer, is included in the Top 20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management, and in the Top 30 Most Influential Women in B2B Marketing Technology. She is the co-author of a business book, called Aligned to Achieve, about sales and marketing alignment.


Andrea Gellert – CMO at Hawkfish

Andrea Gellert, is one of the most respected marketing and sales executives on the East Coast.  Andrea is currently CMO and CRO of OnDeck and has built an incredible career as a marketer over the past 20 years. Andrea started her career at American Express and worked extensively on the OPEN program there before making the leap to start-ups. She walks through the key challenges and opportunities she faced navigating American Express and how she applied those lessons to a successful IPO at OnDeck and beyond, in this episode of the Sales Hacker Podcast.


Bridget Gleason – Head of Sales and Customer Success at Tidelift

Bridget Gleason helps in accelerating sales for start-ups, early stage, and high-growth SaaS and PaaS technology companies. An industry thought leader, she is often sought out to present at sales, leadership, and women’s conferences, symposiums, and events. She is most recognized for her success in building and leading high-velocity sales organizations.


Hilary Headlee – Head of Global Sales Ops + Enablement  at Zoom Video Communications

Hilary Headlee combines strategy, planning and analytics to create, design, and build smart processes and programs for sustainable growth of $100M+ SaaS companies. She is adept at managing SMB, MM, and Enterprise sales coverage models, quota setting, and compensation plan design. She is passionate about top-of-funnel alignment with marketing to drive appropriate conversion rates for inbound, outbound, and Account-Based Marketing (ABM) efforts. She is a regular speaker in some of the top sales conferences.


Jill Konrath – Keynote Speaker | Author of 4 Bestselling Sales Books

Jill Konrath is an engaging speaker & bestselling author who’s focused on sales acceleration & optimization. She was selected by LinkedIn as the No #1 B2B sales expert to follow and is the author of 4 bestselling books: More Sales, Less Time, Agile Selling, SNAP Selling and Selling to Big Companies. She has been widely recognized as a leader in modern sales strategies. Her talks are interactive, engaging and are known to challenge sellers to rethink how they work.


Zeenath Kuraisha – Managing Director of APAC SMA

Zeenath started her sales career selling for Microsoft in the Asia Pacific region and has lead sales for Oracle and SAP among others. She’s extremely active in the sales thought leadership space, running local Singapore chapters of the AA-ISP and Enterprise Sales Forum. She gave an incredible presentation at our own Sales Hacker London conference on Converged Selling.


Cindy Littlefield – Senior Consultant at Bridge Group | Officer AA-ISP

Cindy Littlefield helps her clients create and evolve best practice Inside Sales teams. As a trusted adviser, she works with their Sales Development and Inside Sales reps to use the latest and most effective approaches for engaging prospects in sales conversations. The tools, training, and coaching that she provides helps the reps grow and achieve the next level of sales success.


Nicolette Mullenix – Sr. Director Global Sales at Snowflake Computing | Chapter Office AA-ISP

Nicolette Mullenix is a sales development leader passionate about building an elite marketing and sales function with sales development as the core driver of quality pipeline and revenue growth. She is well versed in building and scaling large enterprise and account-based teams and dedicated to hiring elite talent, developing career paths and coaching people throughout their SDR tenure and beyond.


Carole Mahoney – Founder, Chief Sales Coach at Unbound Growth

Carole Mahoney is an inbound sales coach. A ringleader for change and growth, she gets her kicks from watching other people grow and change in the pursuit of their goals. She grew up in a family of entrepreneurs who taught her that the key to business growth is the experience a buyer has with a business.


Kharisma Moraski – Head of Global Sales, Emerging Business at ServiceRocket

Kharisma Moraski has more than 18 years experience in sales and operations leadership across various industries including technology, retail and advertising. She is an experienced and strategic GTM leader who loves driving revenue growth. She is passionate about women in technology, customers, problem-solving, new team development, emerging technologies and scaling organizations for success.


Amyra Rand – VP of Sales & Strategic Partnerships at Criteria Corp

Amyra Rand is highly skilled in building and managing world-class sales teams that deliver results and, more importantly, an outstanding customer experience. Amyra has spent over 15 years in the software industry helping organizations of all sizes increase efficiencies and grow their businesses. She is a chapter VP of the American Association for Inside Sales Professionals.


Jill Rowley – Fund Advisor at Stage 2 Capital| Partner at Sales for Life

Jill Rowley is a social selling evangelist, keynote speaker, and workshop leader. Following her extensive experience in Management consulting and software sales, she’s helping companies with Marketing Operations, Social Selling, Digital Sales Transformation, Marketing and Sales Alignment, and Sales Enablement.


Emmanuelle Skala – SVP of Customer Success at Toast

Emmanuelle Skala leads all the post-sale customer-facing functions at Toast, Inc. Prior to Toast, she lead the sales & customer success at DigitalOcean. She has extensive software startup experience and a proven sales vision. She has led enterprise, inside and channel sales teams and also has a wealth of sales enablement and operations experience. She sits on the advisory board of four startups and is a frequent industry speaker and blogger.


Amy Slater – VP of Sales at Palo Alto Networks | Speaker | Author

For the last 25 years, Amy Slater has worked with some of the greatest brands in technology. As a corporate strategy advisor and private executive mentor, Amy cultivates the development of core leadership skills combined with compassion, mindfulness and authenticity. Her unique approach to leadership development has garnered her coveted keynote speaking opportunities. You can check out her book Moments: Magic, Miracles, and Martinis to read more about her life-changing journey.


Jen Spencer – VP, Sales and Marketing at SmartBug Media | Board Member at Girls in Tech PHX

Jen Spencer is Vice President, Sales & Marketing for SmartBug Media, a leading intelligent inbound marketing agency. Prior to her role at SmartBug, she was the VP of Sales and Marketing at Allbound, a partner sales acceleration software-as-a-service solution provider. In her free time, Jen serves on the Board of Girls in Tech – Phoenix, a local chapter of the global non-profit focused on the engagement, education and empowerment of girls and women who are passionate about technology.


Lynne Zaledonis – Executive Vice President, Industry Marketing at Salesforce

Lynne Zaledonis is an experienced cloud leader and marketer, with a diverse background of over 17 years in CRM solutions and sales. She is effective at driving cross-functional teams across product lines, creative, campaign management, PR, and product marketing. She is a well-known advocate for women in leadership and technology.


We could only include 50 amazing people here, but that doesn’t mean we can’t continue to honor inspiring women sales leaders? What powerful female sales leader inspires you? Let us know in the comments!  

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