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Interview with Emmanuelle Skala – VP of Sales at Influitive

Craig Jordan

May 6th, 2015

Emmanuelle Skala

Editor’s Note: Guest post by Craig Jordan, Co-Founder at Red Bridge.

The Sales Hacker Conference in New York City has passed, but we wanted to release the last of the speaker interviews for those who could not make it to NYC. If you missed the other interviews check out: Shep Maher, Ash Alhashim, Juliana Crispo, Daniel Barber, Mike Smalls, John Mayhall, Sean Kester, and Jake Dunlap.

But next up in our interview series we have Emmanuelle Skala, the VP of Sales at Influitive. Influitive helps companies mobilize their customer advocates to provide more referral leads, reference calls and social media advocacy, for maximum buying cycle efficiency.

Some of the Topics Covered in the Interview:

  1. What is Influitive
  2. Where Emmanuelle is spending the most time
  3. Advocate Marketing in a nutshell

RUN TIME: 24 Minutes



What is Influitive

Influitive is pioneering a new category called advocate marketing, which is means your customers and your employees are your best salespeople. Influitive helps leverage that network of people to get more referrals, product reviews, and more sales.

How Big is the Team Currently?

  • 10 Quota Bearing
  • 7 SDRs
  • 2 Account Managers

How long did it take to scale to that size?

Emmanuelle has been at Influitive for about a year, where she started with 2 reps and 3 SDRs.

Where are you spending your time?

At first, it was recruiting and building our sales process. We had nothing in place. But then as we moved closer to the end of the year she spent an enormous amount of time on training.

Explain Advocate Marketing

Your best leads come from Word of Mouth. They close the fastest and the highest value. At Influitive, they’re trying to scale word of mouth.

“Your best salesperson is your customer”

Advice for Someone Starting in the VP Role

Culture – Figure out what your sales culture is right away. In the beginning you can have your hands on everything and build things the way you want when you’re small, but eventually as you scale the only thing that will maintain the other things you’ve built is your culture.

Sales Hacker Conference - New York City

Sales Hacker Conference New York

View Emmanuelle’s deck from the Sales Hacker Conference on SlideShare.

About the author

Craig Jordan

Craig is the Director of Marketing at Sales Hacker and the Founder of Red Bridge. A marketing agency focused on helping B2B Tech Startups accelerate their growth.

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