2021's Hidden Sales Problem: This Playbook will 2-5X your Pipeline


There’s a big sales problem hiding in plain sight and it’s sitting right at the top of your funnel. If it’s not corrected, your team will feel the negative effects throughout 2022. 

In this replay, we shared the playbook on how to fix this lead chasing problem that slows down your sales team. The playbook will boost your pipeline, shorten your sales cycles, and book more sales meetings than ever before. 

CDW, VMware, Dialpad, ZoomInfo, and more have already figured it out; here, we shared how.

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What You'll Learn

  • A new strategy to drive more meetings
  • Ways to radically transform your revenue pipeline
  • How we used this playbook to book 131 discovery calls in 5 days 

Meet The Speakers

Abby Orlosky

Ashlee Rollin

Dir., ABM and Demand Generation


Account Executive


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