Planning Pandemic-Proof President’s Club & SKO Events in 2021


Your Sales Kickoff and President’s Club are likely looking much different than they did a year ago. 

How are you planning to retain your top-performers, keep your teams motivated, all while delivering an exciting (yet safe and realistic) plan B for events like President's Club and Sales Kickoff?

This live event replay will let you pick the brain of four sales leaders who’ve planned pandemic-proof alternatives that rival the real thing. Learn what’s going well, what flopped, and how they navigated planning & executive buy-in across their organizations.

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What You'll Learn

  • How to create adapted sales recognition events (SKO, President’s Club) that drive excitement, with a long-lasting “afterglow”
  • A deeper understanding of the psychology & mindset of your team (ie, what do they actually want? How have their motivators changed?)
  • Tactics to pivot President’s Club to keep your reps motivated & retain your top-performers
  • How to design events that truly engage and educate (while avoiding “Zoom-fatigue” amongst your reps)

Meet The Speakers

Teri Turner

Tom Castley

Jeff Austin

Kevin Yip

Mikey Harrison

Global Sales 

Enablement Director


VP of Sales, UK


VP of Sales Operations


Cofounder and COO


Partnerships Manager

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