Defining and Refining Your 2021 Sales Enablement Charter


Is it just us, or is the job of sales enablement different at every company?

And does anybody else feel like they’re just labeled as “that team/person that fixes everything”?

That’s what we thought. You need a charter: a guiding document that acts as your blueprint, outlining your purpose, goals, and how you’ll achieve them.

Sounds simple, but it’s often overlooked and can be challenging to build out! In this workshop, Russell Wurth, Vice President of Worldwide Sales Enablement at Showpad, walked us through how to build and optimize your charter for success in 2021.

Check this replay to learn how to identify your current state, how to efficiently plan next steps, and the best way to get support for your sales enablement efforts.

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What You'll Learn

  • Benchmark your enablement maturity for 2021 planning
  • Solidify your current state and where you (enablement, sales, marketing) want to go
  • Expand enablement’s impact across the entire go-to-market organization

Meet The Speakers

Russell Wurth

Katie Ray

Global VP of Sales Enablement


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