President’s Club and Sales Incentive Strategies That Are Perfect For 2021


✋ Raise your hand if you’ve heard this recently (or maybe asked it yourself):

“So… what are we doing for President’s Club this year?”

Some people are just dying to get back down to 🌴 Cabo. Others would prefer to take a reward at 🏠 home with their families, and avoid the risk of travel.

How do you please them all?

Better yet, how do you build a sustainable sales incentive program that is more motivating than ever, keeps your top performers happy, AND strengthens culture for every department?

In this replay, we were joined by sales incentive experts from Qualtrics, Red River and Alation to pick up the innovative, human approaches they’re taking to designing smart sales incentive programs for 2021.

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What You'll Learn

  • How the hybrid workplace will affect sales team connection & motivation
  • How sales incentives will evolve (frequency, types of incentives, socialization)
  • The future of the President’s Club group trip (shifting to individual experiences)

Meet The Speakers

David Stevens

Hillary Halleck

Graham Miller

Scott Barker

Director, Global Events 

and Field Marketing


HR Director

Red River

Global Head of 

Sales Engagement


Head of Partnerships

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