2022 Leadership Playbook: Winning Hybrid Sales Strategies

Unifying Sales Teams To Win Online & In-Person


Inside, and outside sales. In-person, and online. Work from home, and work from HQ. 

The return to normal continues its hybrid evolution, revenue leaders face challenges managing teams with buyer expectations and establishing modern processes in this mixed landscape.

In this replay, we dissected the winning hybrid sales strategies playbook, showing how leaders implement approaches that accelerate pipeline & empower reps to find success, regardless of where the sale occurs. 

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What You'll Learn

  • When to apply processes universally (and when to be flexible)
  • How to get the best of both sales worlds: online & in-person
  • How to develop a team culture of geographical diversity
  • How to effectively collaborate with all stakeholders (internal and external)

Meet The Speakers

Madison Simon

Ryan O'Hara

Christina Brady

Sr. Solutions Engineer


VP of Growth



Sales Assembly

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