2nd Annual State of Revenue Operations Report:

Real-World Stories & Lessons Learned


Despite a wealth of technology and data, modern B2B organizations have found themselves challenged like never before to accelerate growth.

But some are using a new go-to-market structure – where all operations teams sit together under one umbrella – called Revenue Operations. 

Top market researchers are calling it a “game-changer” for how modern B2B companies align themselves internally to drive growth.

In this webinar replay, Craig Rosenberg (Co-Founder at TOPO Inc.), Evan Liang (CEO at LeanData), and Marcus Bening (VP Revenue Operations at Outreach) explored how to align your own business to this new go-to-market approach, and heard real-world examples, stories, and lessons learned “from the field” of RevOps.

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What You'll Learn

  • The current state of RevOps (survey results from 2,462 B2B practitioners!)
  • The biggest challenges & barriers that hinder companies transitioning to revenue ops for the first time
  • The steps companies are taking today to fix the customer journey & deliver a unified customer experience across their go-to-market teams (sales, marketing, customer success, and operations)
  • Real-world examples & stories “from the field”, from world-class RevOps executives and practitioners

Meet The Speakers

Evan Liang

Marcus Bening

Craig Rosenberg



VP Revenue Operations




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