This webinar does not introduce a new “patented” methodology or sales tool that promises to solve all your problems.

Instead, you’ll learn tactics and tips that most sales teams miss, but which have an enormous impact on pipeline.

John Healy from Factor 8 got hands-on and shared three things your team can do right now to improve the number and quality of the conversations they have every day.

In this webinar replay, get the hacks your team needs to build their skills and confidence.

3 Shockingly Simple Ways

to Triple Pipeline


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What You'll Learn

  • How to leave voicemails that actually get returned
  • Introductions that work (without prospects hanging up)
  • Conversational tactics to engage your prospects and customers

Meet The Speakers

Colin Campbell

Director of Marketing

Sales Hacker

John Healy

VP of Sales

Factor 8 

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