Anti “Personal Brand”: The Damage & 35 Downsides of Building a Personal Brand (And What You Should Do Instead)


It seems everywhere you turn today, someone’s trumpeting that you ABSOLUTELY must build a personal brand.

That it’s your golden ticket to endless opportunities. Your quick-and-easy meal ticket to success. That you’d be absolutely crazy not to.

But in a land where everything has an opportunity cost, you have to ask: When can it hurt you?

What are the downsides of building a personal brand?

We were joined by Becc Holland for this ultimate tear-down of the personal brand mythos — and what you should do instead.

You'll learn:

  • 35 downsides of building a personal brand, the negative effects on your pipeline as an SDR/AE/sales leader, & how it can damage your career long term
  • The 5 types of professionals who typically advocate for personal brand and why they advocate for it
  • The only 2 scenarios where building a personal brand is a great idea
  • The 5 things to do instead that will drive real results

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Meet Becc Holland

"Hiring the right people is just as important as developing them." 

Becc Holland is the CEO and Founder of Flip the Script, free sales training by the people, for the people.

Prior to founding Flip the Script, Becc held positions at companies such as, G2,, and

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