The 4 Major Problems with Using Spreadsheets for Commissions (and How to Solve Them)



1) Nearly a billion people use spreadsheets, and almost all of them are self-taught

2) 88% of spreadsheets contain errors

3) 50% of spreadsheet models used in large businesses contain “material defects”

So if you’re using spreadsheets for comp and commissions tracking, you should ask yourself if that’s appropriate. (Sometimes the answer is “yes”, btw.)

But what are the risks of using spreadsheets? And how do you know when it’s time to shift to something a little safer and more scalable?

In this replay, Stan James (VP of Sales at Spiff) and Tanner Lacey (Growth Strategy Leader at Spiff) shared their wisdom and know-how with you.

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What You'll Learn

  • The 4 unseen issues with using spreadsheets to track commissions
  • How to know when it’s appropriate to use spreadsheets (and when you need to stop)
  • Scalable ways to track commissions that better than spreadsheets

Meet The Speakers

Tanner Lacey

Stan James

Colin Campbell

Growth Strategy Leader


VP of Sales


Director of Marketing

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