Every new season brings new changes. And as the summer comes to an end, it doesn’t mean your sales techniques have to go “cold” and “fall” into an imbalanced workflow!

How do you avoid stagnation? Simple: Stay “hot” during your day-to-day selling with the help of DiscoverOrg and Outreach! Join this webinar panel as these sales experts discuss cultivating strategies.

Say “yes” to warm leads and (warm weather!)

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Summer Slowness is Over: 5 Ridiculously Easy Sales Hacks to Stay Hot!

August 22nd, 2019 – 9:30 AM PT

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What You'll Learn

  • Creating a winning game plan to reach and exceed your quota
  • Developing new sales hacks for maximizing your selling time
  • Having a goal-oriented mindset when it comes to targeting key prospects

Meet The Speakers

Scott Barker

Head of Partnerships

Sales Hacker

Lauren Penney

Sales Enablement and Training Manager


Tito Bohrt

Founder and CEO


Andrew Mewborn

Senior Account Executive


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