Learn from the experts: This webinar will focus on evolving your sales process, people and technology to keep up with the modern buyer in the new year. Join to hear top sales influencers discuss their challenges and solutions to modernizing their sales infrastructure, as well as their predictions for 2016. 

6 Things Your Sales Organization Needs To Prepare for 2016


What you'll learn

  • How the buyer journey has changed -- and how your sales team can keep up
  • What key areas of your sales process you're neglecting, and why you shouldn't
  • What technologies top sales executives are implementing to keep their teams efficient
  • Hiring tactics you can use to ensure you have the right people in the right roles, at the right time
  • How to decrease ramp time and increase onboarding success
  • Top resources you can use to help you make 2016 a success (everything from books to blogs)

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Senior Director of Sales at Grovo

VP of Sales at


Meet the Speakers

Marc Jacobs

Jake Dunlap

Founder & CEO

at Skaled


Robby Allen

Director of Sales Development at Zenefits

Tice Pell

VP of Sales at Rocketrip

Michael Rosenberg

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