An Operation Leader’s Guide to Rolling Out an Account-Based Sales Strategy

Account-based marketing has been the buzziest of buzzwords for years now, but it is ABM’s more revenue-focused cousin, account-based sales (ABS), that is stepping into the limelight to help modern, high-growth companies sell into target accounts.

For those not in the know, ABS is a strategic alignment between sales and marketing to target and win deals with specific, high-value organizations. 

And it’s often left to sales or revenue ops to implement the strategy.

Brought to you by Outreach, Lucidchart and Sales Hacker, this comprehensive guide tailored specifically for operations

leaders provides a step-by-step guide to rolling out an account-based sales strategy, from planning and getting buy-in to personalization at scale and metrics!


In this operations leader’s guide, you will learn:

  • What needs to go into your ABS strategy to make sure you are set up for success
  • How Marketing can help (not hinder) your ABS approach—and how to get them to play nice with sales
  • The secrets to employing Deep Personalization, and how to do it at scale
  • How to measure your ABS strategy correctly and ensure all your hard work isn’t abandoned at the first sign of trouble

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