B2B sales used to be easy. Fire off some emails, make some calls, book some meetings, sign some papers. Today though, there’s nothing easy about it. A massive chasm has erupted between tried-and-true B2B sales tactics and how today’s customers actually buy.

In response, sales pros tend to talk about the shiny new toy that is “Account-Based Selling” while defaulting to standard sales tactics. But it’s time to walk the walk. As the Six Million Dollar Man said, “We have the technology.”

How to Build an Account-Based Selling Program Around Rapidly Changing Customer Behavior


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What You'll Learn

  • What about B2B sales is actually broken—and how to fix it
  • Insight into how and why your customers have fundamentally changed
  • An account-based selling digital roadmap to help close the widening seller-buyer gap 

Meet The Speakers


Journey Sales

Bill Butler

Richard Harris

Director of Sales Training & Consulting Services

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